Managing Mobile with HOB

Posted by Stefanie Kober Wed, 14 Oct 2015 12:10:00 GMT

Attached to our hips and almost extensions of our bodies, smartphones are an enormous part of our personal lives, connecting us to our friends and family regardless of our location or theirs. We feel lost without them, relying on them for GPS guidance, social network access, and personal management tasks such as maintaining calendars and finances. They have become equally important in our professional lives, as many people use them to check work email, access corporate data and networks and conduct conference calls in an increasingly global and mobile world.

According to Microsoft, 67 percent of workers in the U.S. already use their personal devices in the workplace. According to Intel subsidiary McAfee, cyberattacks on mobile devices rose by a factor of six this year. More and more workplaces are implementing “bring your own device,” or BYOD, policies and their employees are bringing more and more business operations to mobile devices, even if mobile devices aren’t primary workstations. This presents risks.

Although many companies already have security measures in place for such mobile activity and phone companies and service providers do their best to ensure mobile device security, the platform is still relatively new and secure practices are less engrained. Employees also use mobile devices for a host of frivolous activities such as playing games or scanning entertainment news, failing to pay proper attention to security measures when using the same device for business. Many approach business operations as casually as they approach checking their Facebook, for example. A facet of the problem is that many users are simply unfamiliar with mobile device security protocol for business purposes. Even if they are familiar, they may opt for convenience over security.

Therefore, it is imperative that companies implement user-friendly and highly secure solutions to guarantee corporate file security on mobile devices.

In steps HOBLink Mobile.

HOBLink Mobile is the ideal solution for the growing problem of mobile device security.  The easy-to-use app connects to an Exchange Server in the corporate network so that an employee can always access corporate email, calendars, notes and contacts securely from a mobile device. Apart from the benefit of the app in terms of usability, no data will be saved on the phone; if a user loses a device, there is no chance that corporate data will end up in the wrong hands.

Before going mobile, mobilize a HOB solution to protect your corporate data wherever it may go.

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