The Fiscal Benefits of Secure Remote Access Solutions

Posted by Stefanie Kober Mon, 14 Dec 2015 09:19:00 GMT

Two IT experts and coauthors of the book, When IT Fails: The Novel, calculated the global impact of IT failure as being $3 trillion annually. When poorly executed, IT measures can be costly, but with the correct solutions, IT can aid in saving businesses money. For businesses using secure remote access solutions, the financial benefits abound for all parties involved, not just for C-level executives.
Here’s how everyone saves with secure remote access:

In the U.S. alone, 10.8 million people commute more than an hour each way to work, according to the Census Bureau. In lieu of losing thousands of dollars a year on public transportation, gas, tolls and maybe even stress reducing measures because of their tiresome commutes, employees can work from home to save money and sanity. The ability to work from wherever, whenever, as provided by secure remote access solutions, also bolsters employee productivity, which benefits the business as a whole.

“The ability to work from home once a week saves me close to $7,000 annually,” says Victoria Levy, San Francisco tech industry employee. “I’m also more productive when I’m at home because I have less distractions than when I’m in the office.”

Rolling out software can be quite an expensive feat for administration. Secure remote access solutions like ours are administered centrally, eliminating the need for a time-consuming rollout process. An easier rollout process for administration means drastic cost reduction for executives. Straightforward and easy to implement software solutions like those offered by HOB enable executives to hire fewer administrators. As many employees may opt to work from remote locations with this software, executives can also benefit by reducing the office space and office supplies needed for a brimming office. For executives with the bottom line in mind, cutting company expenditures is key. Secure remote access is a surefire way to reduce IT costs. Secure software solutions like ours eliminate the need for expensive hardware and work with all existing IT infrastructure, so that executives won’t lose their existing IT investments. As our software is highly scalable, executives don’t have to invest in additional hardware and can instead simply buy less expensive licenses to update the software when signing on more employees.

Entire Company

A recent Ponemon study revealed that the cost of a data breach for a company has increased by 23% in the last year. With this cost rising, companies need to implement secure VPN solutions to protect data and networks, preventing the climbing costs associated with breaches.

For employees and executives alike interested in pinching a penny, HOB has a secure remote access solution to help you save. Your wallet and your employees will thank you.

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